Frequently Asked Questions

What is CyberTechUSA all about?

CyberTechUSA.Net provides online Remote Tech Support ,specializing in providing fast and reliable software solution to Home and Small Businesses for all types of Laptop, Desktop, devices and peripherals.

What is covered in Support?

Any software related issues is covered in support, be it internet issues, online games, printer ,Email, browsing ,virus removal, window repairs and device connectivity etc. are all supported.

How many times can I call for support when facing problem?

You can call us any numbers of times to our Toll free number 1- 855-323-9165 during the subscription period. We are open 24 hrs. Mon-Sat.

How do request for your support?

You may call out Toll Free number 1-855-323-9165 and our live technician will assist you or send an email with your service request at and our dedicated technician will call back

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept any major credit cards, we don’t accept money orders ,check or PayPal.

How can my computer be fixed without taking it anywhere ?

CyberTechUSA work tirelessly to make customer live easy, reliable and convenient when it comes to Computer technology. Our expert technician will securely remote the computer of our clients with prior Permission and fixes the issues remotely. All you have to do is call our live technician to fix the issues.

What shall I do if there is a pop up ?

If you are getting pop up, be it java error, tools, virus or anything, please call our expert technician to diagnose the problem and get it fix remotely or send an email at and we will reverse back vice versa.

Annual PC Maintenance and Tech support starting from $350 a year.
One time Support $200 only
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